Top 5 free NFT games

Lately, play-to-earn games have been the ones people talk about here and there. Some people did not know that free NFT games can keep them busy and have great fun. However, NFT games with rewards need investment. How do I mean? Before players earn some tips in playing games, they must invest an amount before making money. 

These blockchain games range from swapping card games to role-playing games (RPG), but usually, you will need to purchase in-game assets to start with.

For instance, Axie Infinity, one of the most protuberant NFT games, requires new players to purchase three Axies — the podium’s in-game NFT characters — which may cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on their paucity and personalities. Justifiably, the initial cost of such games often discourages new players since they sometimes have to spend a substantial amount of money on starting earning. 

Luckily, those P2E NFT games do not request any upfront cost. In other words, you don’t need to buy NFTs to start the game. They are often regarded as free-to-play games with the added benefit of forming earning opportunities thanks to NFT and blockchain technology.  As such, free NFT games are in high demand, which is why we have created a list of the top choices available presently. Here are some of the game titles you should search for if free NFT games are your desired choice.

God’s unchained:

God’s unchained is a trading card game. It is a trading card game based on the blockchain. All you need to do is play against other players to climb the rankings and increase your chances of winning more cards. As a new player, you will be given a set of cards that you can use to fight other players with similar rankings.

 On the other hand, please note that the cards that will be given to you at first are not live on the blockchain. You must win these PvP matchups to earn flux. Then you can use change to forge two duplicate trading cards and mint them on the ethereum blockchain. Outstandingly, your chances of winning matchups depend on the strategy you use and your card’s special character. Captivatingly, this unique NTF game has opted out of a design that establishes some level of objectivity. 

Top 5 free NFT games

God’s unchained websites ensure that only players with the same or similar rankings are matched together. This is different from what we have in most P2E podiums, where players who can buy the scariest and most powerful cards and weapons get to win at the expense of average players.


Splinterlands is a digital game card implemented by blockchain technology. Splinterlands gives the player various stats and abilities to win battles with other players. This NFT game is available for mobile devices. It’s a game that one can play anywhere at any time. 

This unique NFT game is built on the hive blockchain platform with a large user base and many applications. Splinterlands is a free-to-play game. All players will receive base cards when they join. However, players can acquire more potent cards by buying booster packs on the podium’s marketplace. You can read about Top NFT Games Scams and How to Avoid Them by visiting

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Similarly, it is possible to level the cards by uniting several similar cards. There are no penalties for losing ranked matchups to put less weight on new players. In other words, starters do not have much at stake when they start. 


This unique game is a free-to-play game. Chaainmonster is a pokemon-themed that offers a free-to-play mode ideal for those looking forward to playing games with a low entry barrier. Although this NFT game is just coming up, the alpha product has attracted countless users. Recently, there has been progress in increasing the popularity of this game. 

The developer is planning to launch chain monsters on PlayStation and Xbox. We can boldly say that this game is based on flow blockchain. Also, there are in-game rewards and prizes in chain monsters.  Some of the tips are chainmons, outfits, and lots more. 

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Axie Infinity Scholarship:

Even though the choice to add Axie Infinity may feel self-contradictory at first, the price of owning Axis ranges in the hundreds, and the value of AXS reaches over $8.4 billion market cap. It is vigorous to note that some Axie Infinity players have found a way to avoid the upfront cost of owning Axis. These players approach users with access to Axis and make a deal that will uplift them to asset managers. What are we saying in essence? We say that individuals play on behalf of Axis owners for a share of the revenue. Customarily, this trend involves some level of belief between the scholar and NFT owners.

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Please note that this practice is known with authorization by the platform. Therefore, whatever jeopardies that arise from such ventures are undying. For the NFT owner, this arrangement provides a chance to earn passive profits. In contrast, the scholar sees it as a line of attack for making active income. Notably, the high request for Axie Infinity has wedged the effectiveness of the scholarship system. There are typically more scholars vying for the attention and trust of Axis owners.

Coin Hunt World:

Coin Hunt World is a Pokémon Go-themed game where players hunt for Bitcoin and Ethereum. While playing Coin Hunt World, you need to walk through your city using a digital map and look for keys. Then, once you gather sufficient keys, you can deposit them in the treasure house. And then, you will be required to answer a minutiae question. If your answer is accurate, you will be compensated with Bitcoin and Ethereum. In other words, this game is not the type of game that you will play at home. 

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Another impressive thing about this NFT game is its compensation system. Unlike all the above-listed matches, this game is the only one that does not dispense NFTs to players. Instead, the prizes are denominated in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The only weakness is that the earnings are not as rewarding as an NFT-based game. Before making a hefty amount of crypto on this game, one needs to spend more time and energy.