Thought you knew all about NFT games?

Thought you knew all about NFT games?

Are you a gamer who want to make a living from your hobby? If this is the case, be assured that you are not alone! Numerous gamers fantasize about making large sums of money with play-to-earn NFT games, but not everyone knows how to turn this fantasy into a reality.

However, you may be astonished to learn that there are more gamers than you assume who have developed ways and means to make their dreams a reality. These persons are presently profiting from the video game industry.

Play to earn is a revolutionary website that offers an exhaustive list of all play to earn NFT games that use blockchain technology and reward players with gaming coins or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This means that you may make money just by visiting the play to earn games websites and playing play to earn NFT games!

Thought you knew all about NFT games?

An ever-changing game industry

The gaming business as a whole has grown significantly during the last several decades. Gaming technology has improved considerably, and gadgets have come and gone (from archaic portable gaming devices like Nintendo’s renowned Game Boy to the profusion of powerful virtual reality systems available today).

Globally, video NFT games have always been quite popular, particularly among younger people. Video NFT games are now more popular than ever, with a rising number of people becoming involved. As a consequence, the gaming sector is expected to reach a value of $178 billion in 2021 (and to surpass $295 billion over the next five years). The expected growth is mostly due to blockchain-based developments in play to earn NFT games.

What is Play-to-earn gaming?

Play-to-earn (P2E) is a paradigm-shifting gaming concept in which users receive a variety of rewards just by playing certain play-to-earn NFT games.

Why has the gaming industry shifted its focus in recent years toward NFT and blockchain-based play to earn NFT games? To be sure, more attention has been devoted to the question of digital ownership, and it has become evident that the majority of participants do not want to miss out on potentially lucrative opportunities provided by technology.

Rather of spending hours playing a game and real money on in-game purchases, gamers now have the option of creating true investments that can be sold later. This means that gamers may earn enough money via the P2E model to support themselves, particularly given that the global COVID-19 outbreak has made it increasingly difficult for many to acquire traditional work.

To begin your career in the gaming business, visit the play to earn website now and learn about the most popular blockchain-based play to earn NFT games!

Thought you knew all about NFT games?

The ultimate gaming resource

PlayToEarn is a wonderful gaming resource, providing concise, comprehensive lists of blockchain gaming data to aid you in making informed gaming investments. PlayToEarn’s comprehensive library of blockchain-based NFT games for earning cryptocurrencies or NFTs may aid you in earning cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Gaming cryptocurrencies are ones that are embedded into video NFT games to reward players for certain achievements, while NFTs are tokens that are one-of-a-kind and have unique qualities.

To make your search easier, you may sort the vast list of blockchain play to earn NFT games by genre, status, device, and more!

Along with listing all known blockchain play to earn NFT games, PlayToEarn has compiled a comprehensive list of all blockchain game-compatible cryptocurrencies and NFTs for site visitors’ convenience, as well as an extensive list of virtual world game land structures for gamers interested in digging a little deeper.

Essentially, if you’re interested in earning money while playing play to earn NFT games, you should consider play to earn as the most beneficial resource to help you succeed! By monitoring the play to earn score of each game, you may begin earning bitcoin and non-fungible tokens in all of your favorite blockchain play to earn NFT games!

Thought you knew all about NFT games?

From Free-to-Play to Pay-to-Play, we’ve got you covered.

When I was a youngster, playing computer NFT games for the purpose of earning money required paying (legally). Yes, I understand how bizarre this looks in today’s day of free programs.

We’ve become used to this kind of gameplay in the modern era: While the game is free to play, premium features need payment (such as purchasing a tuxedo for your game hero).

The most recent gaming trend is a complete reversal of this. Rather of paying to play NFT games, you play to make money. While this seems to be a gamer’s dream come true, is it too good to be true?

Last year’s CoinDesk article launched “Play-to-Earn” gaming into the public eye. The author, Leah Callon-Butler, describes how a Pokemon game inspired on Axie Infinity helps unemployed Filipinos put food on the table.

Is it Possible to Earn Money for Having a Good Time?

If you’ve ever contemplated pursuing a full-time career as an athlete/gamer/YouTuber — a profession founded on passion — you’re certainly aware of how competitive the sector is.

For example, one website estimates that the probability of a high school football player (which Americans refer to as “soccer”) reaching the professional level is 1 in 5,768. This is the equivalent of 0.017 percent.

The rest of us sports fanatics live out our dreams via weekly NFT games with our pals and watching our favorite teams on television.

What if, however, Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFT games provided an alternative? A monthly income of USD 300-400 is already over the Malaysian minimum wage.

Therefore, although I will never be a professional athlete, what if I could earn a living playing online play to earn NFT games?

Where Is the Money Coming From?

The caveat is that we are still very early in the game, and no one can say for certain if P2E will remain effective. Axie Infinity is, in fact, the world’s first widely popular pay-to-win game.

Even yet, Axie’s revenues have already surpassed USD 800 million this year and are on course to reach USD 1 billion. This places it among PUBG, Fortnite, and Pokemon Go in the billion-dollar club.

The business principles, on the other hand, are rather dissimilar. In free-to-play NFT games like Fortnite, the game publisher gets the lion’s share — if not the whole — of the revenue. For instance, if I spend $20 on a piece of custom apparel for my avatar, the money is donated to Epic NFT games, the company behind Fortnite.

Unlike Axie, you are buying from another player, not “Axie Infinity Private Limited.” Axie Infinity maintains 5% of in-game money; the remaining 95% is dispersed to players. 95%.

In contrast to previous economic models, which rewarded game makers, this is how players earn money.

I’m ready to gamble that every intelligent gaming business in the world is now analyzing and seeking to comprehend the Play-to-Earn idea. Yes, things may continue to fail or revisions may be necessary to get the economics right — but a tidal shift is beginning.

Types of NFT Games to focus on in 2022

Types of NFT Games to focus on in 2022

There are several sorts of NFT games available on the market, which means that there is certainly something to meet the majority of needs.

Among the most common sorts of play to earn games are the following: 

Land Ownership NFT Games

Numerous the top NFT games covered on this page place a premium on land ownership. This implies that you may truly own land inside the game — and each plot will have its own NFT.

Additionally, the majority of play to earn gaming enable you to develop on top of your property, which might raise its market worth. We stumbled found many major land ownership NFT games, like Decentraland, the Sandbox, and Axie Infinity.

Battle NFT Games

Another big issue in the NFT gaming arena are games with a strong emphasis on combat. This implies that you will often compete against other players in order to earn in-game tokens.

This sort of NFT game will demand you to improve your combat ability, both physically and mentally. By doing so, you will maximize your chances of amassing a significant stack of gaming coins.

NFT Card Games

Additionally, you may explore playing NFT card games, which are extremely similar to the original Pokemon series in essence. This card game included a variety of characters, each with their own unique set of strengths and flaws.

In NFT games, the strongest cards often have the highest chance of beating other players and so collecting in-game prizes.

Mobile NFT Games

Some of the top NFT games we discovered are available as mobile NFT apps. These may be very profitable for creators, since they let players to interact with the game regardless of their location.

All that is required is access to the internet.

Types of NFT Games to focus on in 2022

Animal NFT Games 

Another prominent industry in which the NFT competes for space is gaming games with an animal theme. CryptoKitties is an excellent illustration of this.

As previously said, this game enables you to mint one-of-a-kind kittens in the form of NFTs. Each kitten will have unique breeding qualities, which will determine the value of each NFT on the open market, based on its rarity.

The Advantages of Playing NFT Games

Whether you’re not sure if NFT games are for you, explore the advantages outlined in the sections below.

Ownership of In-Game Assets 

One of the primary perks of play to earn gaming is that you retain ownership of any goods you acquire or purchase inside the particular title.

This is in sharp contrast to centralized titles, which charge you money to purchase in-game items despite the fact that you never truly own the thing.

In the case of play-to-earn cryptocurrency games, all goods acquired are securely and openly kept on the blockchain ledger. Additionally, each item in-game is verified through a unique NFT token.

Types of NFT Games to focus on in 2022

Convert In-Game Money to Real Money

Another significant advantage of playing the top NFT games is that you will try to gain the title’s in-game cash by performing certain goals – such as level progression. In turn, these in-game tokens may often be sold on an online cryptocurrency market.

Several of the most popular play to earn games, such as Decentraland and Axie Infinity, have amassed multibillion-dollar market capitalizations.

This implies that you may quickly exchange your earned in-game tokens for real money. Significantly, this is one of the most alluring aspects of playing NFT games.

Earn NFTs by Selling Rare Plays

Along with in-game tokens, the finest NFT games provide the opportunity to earn NFTs. As an example, the Axie Infinity game enables the purchase of uncommon creatures.

These monsters possess many traits that appeal to gamers, not the least of which is the fact that they may considerably increase your capacity to earn in-game AXS tokens.

Additionally, the more AXS tokens you acquire, the more money you might receive when cashing out through an online exchange.

Through the use of blockchain technology, gaming outcomes are fair and transparent.

Traditionally, centralized operators create and manage game titles. This implies that you have no method of determining whether or not the results of games are fair.

This problem is often resolved when using cryptocurrency to gain titles, not the least since each game result is set by a smart contract. Furthermore, since smart contracts are transparent and irreversible, you can be guaranteed that all games are completely random.

Types of NFT Games to focus on in 2022

Upcoming NFT Competitions

If you want to optimize your earnings potential from play to earn games, keeping an eye out for new NFT games might be a wise plan. For example, the majority of NFT games will make their in-house token available to the broader public prior to the title’s formal debut.

And, in most circumstances, investing early in a particular token entitles you to an extremely advantageous entry price. Additionally, by concentrating on forthcoming NFT games that are still under development, you might get an advantage over other players. Learn more about top nft games for android.

This allows you to strengthen your in-game character and increase its chances of accomplishing objectives. Consider the following three projects while considering the top forthcoming NFT games for 2022:

  • RaceFi – As the name implies, this NFT game pits players against one another. Naturally, winning a race will give you in-game cash for the platform.
  • Pirate X Pirate – While Pirate X Pirate has already released its play to earn game, the title is still slated to get a slew of new and interesting features. This project will create a pirate-themed warfare game in which the top crews and ships will receive substantial PXP token awards.
  • Rainmaker – If you trade cryptocurrencies and/or equities, you may find Rainmaker appealing. You may win in-game awards for building high-performing portfolios and correctly anticipating market movements.

Always do your own research before to participating in a new NFT game – much more so if you want to purchase the project’s native token.

Final thoughts

Numerous the top NFT games covered on this page place a premium on land ownership. This implies that you may truly own land inside the game — and each plot will have its own NFT.

Additionally, the majority of play to earn games enable you to develop on top of your property, which might raise its market worth. We stumbled found many major land ownership NFT games, like Decentraland, the Sandbox, and Axie Infinity.

Top 7 NFT games for Android

Top 7 NFT games for Android

Today, the Android phone is ruling the world because of its uniqueness and smartness. Numerous packages come with an Android phone. Android phone has multiple functions beyond reaching out to friends and family. Apart from the benefits of calling and its smartness when accessing fast internet connections, Android also comes with games that can keep the user busy and have an excellent time even in their closet. Not only that, Android can take in numerous applications.

With that said, there are numerous NFT games that one can enjoy on an Android phone. Do you want to play some NFT games on your phone? And you don’t know what to do about it? We will give out the best NFT game that will make your day. 

Therefore, this article aims at picking out the best NFT games that one can enjoy on the phone. With that Android phone, you can have an excellent time and enjoy yourself anywhere you are. Below here is the list of NFT games for Android. Visit to read more about NFT games.


The sandbox game is specially created for mobiles, PCs, and Windows OS. 

Why People Are Buying Digital Lands in The Sandbox and Why You Should Too –  Sponsored Bitcoin News

This amazing NFT game has the following features;

  • Utility sand token that allows one to buy and sell assets and lands
  • Undividable and non-interchangeable NFT in-game tokens
  • NFT types include land, entity, apparatus, and art
  • With the sandbox, one will be able to build 3D games without requiring coding knowledge
  • Pre-registration facility for unbridle ingenuity
  • New version map availability for landing trading
  • Fashionable designers assets in the marketplace
  • Access to all the eighteen high-class involvements and earn great rewards
  • An open NFT gaming podium for everyone for crucial gaming experiences
  • Digital marketplace for inventors, performers, and game designers
  • Aptness to Alpha pass with daily contests
  • Open in 3D and a new version multiplayer arrangements.


Sorare is a football NFT gaming platform with an official license. This is excellent news for football lovers with an android phone. So rare is an NFT game that will keep you busy anytime you feel like doing something different. What are the things you will enjoy when playing this game? This unique football game is accurate to the extent that one will update the actual performance of the players on the field. Not only that, you will have the ability to choose one or more participating teams. So rare offers more than two hundred and fifteen licensed clubs. 

Sorare - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

With that your android phone, you can play this NFT game and connect and trade with passionate football fans. Other features of Sorare include; managing and building a squad for creating effective line-ups and managing the team to earn points like real-life performance. 

Spells of Genesis:

Spells of Genesis is the first blockchain-based mobile game ever made. Spells of Genesis combines trading card game functionalities with the point–and–shoot aspects of the arcade game. In this game, players have to collect and combine cards to create the most substantial deck to fight their opposition. This NFT game has to do with heroes, monsters, villains, animals, and battles. It is an excellent game that every android user will enjoy. Spells of genesis allows you to upgrade and combine over three hundred cards or orbs. 

Spells Of Genesis - Apps on Google Play

It is an innovative game mechanism for challenges. Psychologists believe in this unique NFT game because it can increase one’s ability to face challenges and overcome them. This amazing NFT game also offers two hundred and ten missions and levels with countless cards to make a more substantial deck for better playing. 

Evolution land:

Evolution land is a virtual simulation blockchain game. It is an online NFT game. This awesome NFT game allows users to trade land, employ workers. In this game, the users are the ones to determine the price of land, workers, and every other expense based on demand and supply.  Evolution land does not provide pricing control. 

Quick Start Guide for Evolution Land (Dawning) - NFT News Today

This unique NFT game also includes nothing less than twenty-six continents. It seamlessly integrates with cross-chain interaction. Therefore, evolution land is the best NFT game for android users. It is equipped with various blockchain networks like Atlantis continent. 


Splinterlands is an NFT game that is meant for pro players. You can play this game on your android phone and earn more than expected. This game is one of the best NFT games for android users.  This unique game allows players to stake their claim, enabling them to claim sold out the land plot. In this game, the player can buy properties from other third-party players available in the market. For instance, one can purchase stories from Hive Engine and Automatichub. Therefore, splinterlands is a collectible and digital game card implemented by blockchain technology to give users various stats and abilities to overcome battles with other players.

SEEDGerminator: Splinterlands. Funding Soft Cap: 500,000 TRX / SEED | by  Sesameseed | Medium

Forest knight:

Forest knight is an android NFT game with powerful knight abilities and skills to explore in the Arena world. Some of the features of forest knight are; 

  • It offers upgradeable and customizable heroes.
  • Ability to level up substantial items for excellent battle playing
  • Forest knight is built with real-time PvP gaming technology
  • Numerous fancy creatures, lands, and exceptional cavalier

Forest knight is a turn-based policy game based on the fantasy RPG world, permitting the exploration of several fantasy creatures and diverse lands that aid distinctive and helpful knights.

How to Play Forest Knight NFT - Beginner's Guide - DigiParadise

Furthermore, in this game, the player will put his effort into building the best possible knight team and protecting his town against dragons and monsters by using tactics and strategies.

League of kingdoms:

League of Kingdoms | MMO Strategy Game on Blockchain

League of Kingdom is an MMO strategy game. The player is the leader, and he aims to lay down strategies on how to defend and protect all kingdoms. It’s a sensitive game that requires much intellectual ability. Of course, there are rewards if one can play this game very well. One will earn ethereum from owning land in the virtual estate. The player also must increase the beauty and power of the kingdom with flawless skin. 

Finally, we have given you what you can run with. With that android phone in your hand, you can enjoy yourself and have an excellent time.

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